Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fairlady Engine, Transmission, and Differential Servicing

Replaced engine, transmission, and differential oil two days ago. I used Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 for the usual (1 Gallon + 1 liter). As for the tranny and differential, I switched from Mobil to Conoco since I wanted to try it out if it would make a difference. Price wise, the Conoco is a bit more expensive than the Mobil oils so I hope it's worth it. For the transmission, I used Conoco 80W-90 gear oil (API-GL5) and for the differential I used Conoco SAE 140 (API-GL4) oil. The mechanic at the auto shop as well as several Datsun Fairlady roadster owners recommended that I use SAE 140 oil for the differential to lessen the gear noise and to better protect the differential gears during high speed operation. But in the website, the recommended differential oil is 90W. I'll have to evaluate the performance of the SAE 140. The good thing is that it's really hot here in the Philippines, so the 140 weight wouldn't "freeze-up."

Driving impressions: For the engine, I've been using Magnatec since I bought the Fairlady and I'm really impressed in its performance. So far no smoke from the exhaust, start-ups are much easier even during the mornings, and oil consumption isn't an issue, but there's a small leak in the engine. For the tranny, the Conoco 80W-90 is the same with Mobil's 80W-90. Shifting is still light without much noise. I'll have to evaluate this in the long-run. For the differential, the SAE 140 will be much thicker than the 90W and 80W-90 I used previously. I haven't noticed any difference during standing starts. I'll have to see what happens when I'm driving down the highway at high speed. Hopefully the thicker 140 weight will better protect the gears during long operations. In the future I might switch to a 85W-140 differential oil...that might be better.


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