Saturday, July 29, 2017

"DATSUN" Hood Emblem Install

Finally got to install the "Datsun" hood emblem. They're aftermarket ones made of plastic...better than nothing installed. Will also restore the original hood emblem in the near future. The new one will do for now.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sushi Factory List

Planning to do some more work on the Fairlady to bring it to a more "polished" state and less of a race car look

1. Retouch front and hood
2. Paint engine bay border
3. Install hood emblems
4. Rub down and detail exterior
5. Clean interior
6. Make fiberglass door cards and window covers
7. Install front and rear bumpers

Monday, July 24, 2017

Updates on Project Time Machine after four years, finally

After four long years, I'm now able to give an update on my Fairlady roadster after having its R16 engine quit on its last race in Clark Speedway back in 2013.

A complete engine overhaul has been successful and was finished on November 27, 2014...just in time for my wedding day the next day. We made the roadster our wedding car, which is quite memorable.

Installing the new valve seats in the head

Balancing the con rods and matching the weight

Three main bearing crank to be refurbished at the machine shop

Some of the parts I was able to buy in Fernando's Auto Supply

New parts from the US - oil pump, main bearings, 2nd gear synchro, etc.

List of overhaul work in the R16 engine:

1. New piston rings
2. New main crankshaft bearings
3. New piston pin bushings
4. New con rod bearings
5. Port and polish head
6. New intake and exhaust valves
7. Spacers for the valve springs to increase spring tension
8. New water pump
9. New fan belt
10. Clean and overhaul old radiator
11. New head gasket and bearing seals
12. New aluminium fan blade spacer
13. New spark plugs
14. New contact point
15. New condenser
16. New distributor rotor
17. New oil pressure gauge
18. New water hoses
19. New fuel lines
20. Repaired header crack
21 New exhaust seal in flex pipe
22. New clutch disc
23. New clutch cover
24. Balanced crankshaft and clutch pressure plate
25. Lightened clutch pressure plate
26. Balanced and lightened con rods
27. Restored original crankshaft
28. New oil pump
29. Overhaul starter motor
30. Overhaul alternator
31. New block sleeves
32. New timing chain
33. New timing chain tensioner

The finished R16 "Hasegawa Special" engine - Tuned by my tuning mentor Osamu "OD" Hasegawa

I also had the roadster's body and hardtop repainted at Sushi Factory. Also, I had the battery transferred at the rear passenger seat for better weight distribution and lower CG.

I installed a cut-off switch as well for safety and rewired the engine bay wiring to tidy it up. Also installed a Citizen bullhead chronograph watch for timing races.

Also had the roll bar repainted from black to silver.

I also had the transmission overhauled:

1. Replaced bearings
2. New second gear synchro
3. New front bearing housing to replace the cracked one damaged by my mechanic
4. New seals

I also had the front brakes overhauled.

Cleaned and overhauled the Mikuni Solex twinside carburetors.

Latest updates include (as of July 2017)

1. Change engine oil - Amsoil Premium Protection 20W-50 Fully Synthetic
2. Rust proofing for underbody and chassis
3. New lug nuts
4. Cleaned and adjusted rear drum brakes
5. New Achilles Platinum tires for the rear
6. Rust proofing interior cockpit
7. Removed one piece of the radiator fan blade
8. Advanced timing in distributor
9. Rust proofing rear trunk
10. Tightened wishbone suspension nuts
11. Greased suspension and steering fittings
12. Tightened engine bay bolts
13. Adjusted front left spring to increase ride height
14.  Installed battery terminal for better electrical flow
15. Replaced contact points
16. Repainted headlight stone guards

Installed my gift from Sushi Factory: custom made forged aluminium shift knob. Also transferred the fire extinguisher from the passenger side door to the transmission tunnel beside the driver's seat for better access. Awesome design and craftsmanship.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Retainer Bearing - Main Shaft - Cracked Mounting Points

Bearing Retainer - Need to replace this part for the transmission overhaul

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

R16 3-Main-Bearing Crankshaft

Overhaul Update: Crankshaft Main Journal