Saturday, July 25, 2009

4-Point Racing Seatbelt Installation

For added safety, I had 4-point seatbelts installed to the roadster. Safer indeed when compared to the old 2-point lap-belts that was previously installed.

Looks great as well! Cafe racer look for the roadster!

Fabrication of the mounting bracket and installation of the belts was done by Speedmode. Professionally done and well though of. They even had to remove the seats to install the belts.

Nice clean design and fabrication work. Speedmode used high tensile strength bolts to hold down the bracket to the chassis underneath. They also welded a stainless steel rod underneath the bracket to strengthen it and keep it from flexing and stress.

Back view looks clean and it doesn't clutter the rear shelf, which is good for added storage space. Looks good too when the top is down!


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