Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carburetor and Engine Tuning by Race Guru Fil Gulfin

Finally, Fil had an open schedule today for tuning the Fairlady. New jet settings: Pilot Jet - 52.5, Main Air Jet - 170. Hopefully, fuel consumption will also improve.

Cleaned and checked all the Mikuni PHH40 parts and assemblies. Found a number of blocked jets and leaking parts. The pilot screws have been replaced with the correct Mikuni screws. The previous screws were from a Weber carburetor!

The butterfly valves were still in good condition and are sealing well. The grooves on the rubber isolators have been sealed shut instead of just using rubber tubing as what the previous shop did during the last overhaul.

The timing was also adjusted since it was retarded. The timing advance mechanism was also checked. Valve clearance was also tweaked.

New NGK BP6ES spark plugs have also been installed. The idle is so much smoother and the throttle response is insane! There's more power in the engine and low end torque also improved. Top end power has greatly increased and also much smoother. The induction noise and exhaust tone is so much more addictive!


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