Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Restoration Update:
(Posted various pictures)

Last week, I tried to replace the fuel-filler neck groumet, since it was really worn-out. But the problem (again) is the availability of the parts. So as a temporary measure I decided to just refurbish it using Pioneer's Black RTV Silicone (wonderful stuff!) to reinforce the old rubber and greatly improve its fit unto the fuel-filler neck. This will prevent the rear fender well from flooding (hopefully!) when the rain inevitably catches up with the roadster.

I also took a picture of that weird Bosch box (for the condenser), which is made in Japan! I thought back then in the 70's all Bosch parts were from Germany...I guess not. Japanese parts rule! :) Now I have a collection of vintage auto parts boxes lying around the storage...probably most of them are older than me :)

I also posted a picture of the locally made hard-to-find rubber boot (Part number: RP-TCL-VW-303) I found during my scavenging adventures. It did fit nicely unto the ball-joint and tie-rod. I was afraid I had to buy a new set of ball-joints and tie-rod ends, but luckily I found these babies gathering dust in an auto supply too! I bought eight pieces, but I'll be back for more! I should be gathering up as much spare parts as I could find, especially when the supply of these parts are getting harder and harder to find...and becoming pretty expensive too :)


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