Saturday, January 28, 2012

Folia Tec Tow Hook Ring Installation

I finally acquired a front racing tow hook kit for the Fairlady as a requirement for MSCC's vintage racing series. It's a German made and race certified tow hook manufactured by Folia Tec.

German instruction manual and specifications.

The tow hook kit comes with an "L" bracket for mounting horizontally at the front. The unit is lightweight and is made out of Aluminum. It's powder coated as well for durability.

The kit also comes with the necessary lock nuts, washers, and high tensile strength bolts. Sweet.

The installation was pretty straight forward. I installed it in about 15 minutes. The "L" bracket aligned perfectly with the front right bumper mounting hole. The spacing was perfect for the tow hook through the Fairlady's front chin.

High tensile strength bolt already included in the kit.

It looks great and it's functional as well for the race track. Good job!



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