Thursday, July 07, 2011

Maintenance and Vintage Race Preparation Update:

Valve Clearance setting for Intake and Exhaust (Hot) was set at 0.016 inch. Valve clearance was too tight before. After the adjustment, I noticed the engine had better "pick-up" or torque at the lower rev range than before. And also, the exhaust note and induction sound of the twin carburetors became more pronounced and raspy. It might be that the valves weren't closing fully because of the tight clearance of the rocker arms with the valve stems.

1. Replaced differential oil with Conoco 80W-90 synthetic blend (old oil looked like crud) - The differential whine was gone after replacing the oil.
2. Overhauled Right Front Dunlop-Sumitomo Mk II disc brake - new caliper kit from TCL (badly corroded cylinder)
3. Adjusted intake and exhaust valve clearance - 0.016 In. (it was too tight before the adjustment, the engine now has better throttle response)
4. Refitted the valve cover gasket (was leaking near the radiator filler neck) with high-temperature silicon gasket.
5. Lubricated the twinside Solex Mikuni PHH40 Type T butterfly shafts and throttle linkages.

6. Fitted a rubberized battery terminal cover for added safety.

7. Greased all suspension and steering fittings - 17 zerks in all at Shell.
8. Tightened all nuts, bolts, and screws.

9. Realigned the front anti-sway bar and refurbished the rubber bushings with Silicon high temperature spray.

10. Fitted new screws for the fuel level float sensor cover in the boot.

Rocker arms seems to be lubricating well. I also had to clean the valve cover gasket and head to fix the small oil leak. The mechanic accidentally placed the gasket the other way around so the cork wasn't sealing properly. Hopefully, not it'll be airtight.

An interesting number on the head "5527D."


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