Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Datsun Fairlady Restoration Update

So here's an update of the restoration work (apart from changing the engine oil - reformulated Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 API-SM) - concentrated first on the mechanicals:
  1. changed the transmission and differential fluid - Mobil HD90 (API-GL5)
  2. replaced front brake pads (Kashiyama, Japan) - last stock at the auto supply store :)
  3. changed brake and clutch fluid - Whiz DOT 3 (I'd like to try out the fluids used by Mercedes Benz fanatics since they told me that these are less acidic - forgot the name...)
  4. replaced cooling system plumbing (upper and lower radiator hose, etc) and coolant (Whiz - planning to use Caltex Extended Life Coolant in the future)
  5. replaced water pump - OEM (original equipment by manufacturer)
  6. had all front end fittings greased; replaced some of the worn-out boots as well with a locally made one - equally hard to find these days
  7. overhauled radiator core - engine was running a bit hot
  8. rewired entire electrical system; new fuse box (Circuit, Japan), ignition switch (Torica, Japan), and added a customized battery warning light (I had the amp meter removed - to prevent car trouble specifically...a blazing internal fire! This was recommended by the electrician down at Systematic Auto Electrical)
  9. bought fog lamps (had a hard time finding the right sized ones - found one from DLAA), rear plate light, and reverse light; replaced sealed beam headlights (Stanley)
  10. brought down the gas tank and had it cleaned (full of "fermented" fuel!); now I only use Petron Blaze (97+ RON) or Shell Velocity (95 RON) unleaded gasoline - engine runs smooth
  11. had the carb adjusted (until now it's backfiring so I'll have to have the timing checked again and replace the contact points!)
  12. had the fuel filter cleaned using Whiz Carburetor Cleanner - very effective (still don't want to use those disposable "paper filter" types...not just yet)
  13. overhauled starter motor and alternator, had the bearings greased up
  14. replaced clutch plate and clutch cover (Asco, Japan) - had to remove the entire engine of course! - both NOS (new old stock) at the auto supply store
  15. replaced clutch release bearing (NTN, Japan...I think) - last stock yet again!
  16. replaced tranny oil seal
  17. replaced exaust pipe gasket and had an extension welded on the header to keep the muffler from being stressed
  18. replaced clutch slave (Nabco, Japan) and hose (the one on the roadster was already converted and leaky!)
  19. replaced front tires with Goodyear NCT5 (175/65/R14) and had all tires balanced
  20. replaced ignition coil with Bosch (word of advice - never buy Bosch coils that are made in "Brasil"!!! totally sucked! mine became some sort of goo in just 15 minutes driving! I'll be installing a Denso one instead with a resistor or another one from Bosch - the one made in Spain!)
  21. replaced spark plugs - NGK BP6ES
  22. replaced both radiator and reservoir caps (Fusion) - cooling system seems to be loosing pressure, now the temp seems to be cooler
  23. replaced front wheel bearings - inner and outer (Koyo, Japan) and both front shocks (Gabriel oil filled shocks - gas shocks are too stiff in my opinion, especially in Manila where the roads have HUGE potholes!) *I used Total's MP3 grease for the bearings, since my mechanic recommended this instead of the Mobil and Caltex counterparts as they seem to loose viscosity faster than the Total's in the warm climate that we have here; had the rear axle bearings checked and the mechanic seemed satisfied with its condition
  24. also had the rubber spring caps (upper and lower), the passenger side lower A-arm bump-stop (last stock at the auto supply store!), and the anti-roll bar bushings replaced
  25. bought new alloy pedals (Autosport) to compliment the original three-spoke steering wheel plus the pedals in the Fairlady didn't have pads anymore...the alloys look great - more retro! (bought it from Ace Hardware and it's super cheap @ P179! it's so cheap it's almost a crime!)...although have yet to install them
  26. had all valves adjusted - .0169 clearance (hot) and the valve cover cleaned with Whiz Carburetor Cleaner to remove all the gunk and oil that stuck inside *click here for the internet resource

Photos of the OEM Nissan hardtop


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